Preparing for prac and assignment 3


I finally began looking at week 7’s study plan tonight! Wow!! Everything is laid out in order to help prepare us for our prac experiences. I am meeting with my mentor teacher on Friday this week and can’t wait to begin seriously working on ideas for lessons. I am looking at little birdtales as a resource to use and have found some wonderful activities on scootle. Two that I have found useful are ‘Counting Beetles’, ‘Fractions’ and Exploring addition and subtraction word problems. I am set to go into my meeting at least armed with a couple of ideas, however these may of course change due to the suitability.

When looking at the preparation for the assignment, there is a lot to see about how to investigate the context of my professional experience. Kate has outlined this as well in her blog. Miss Red, talks about 13 free resource tools that all teachers and students  should know about and I also found this useful information. I will endeavour to explore this much further.

We have been asked to outline our professional experience context by several questions.

  • Where is the school?
  • Demographics of the school?
  • Do they support special needs or ESL?
  • The year level we are working with
  • The abilities in the class.
  • Are there children with special needs in the class cohort.
  • The access to ICT’s
  • Is the mentor teacher a proficient ICT user/teacher?

Then discuss our integration of ICT in the learning plans we have developed. – My thoughts are currently with the understanding that ICT’s should be taught through inquiry learning and active student involvement. Collaborative partnerships between the student and teacher should be supported and developed. Also TPACK should be noted. The professional standards should also be mentioned along with the Australian curriculum requirements.

I am excited to learn about the school context I am going into, yet concerned about working with year 2. – Because I  work in prep, I feel like it’s like working with the big kids! – I have found some interesting ideas on youtube that also offer lesson ideas and I am sure that they will help me in my planning.

Mult-e-Maths Toolbox – repeated addition



Assignment 2 is in!!!


Well, thank goodness, assignment 2 is in!! I actually enjoyed writing the unit plan for assignment 2 and chose year 3, which was quite out of my depth. A teacher from work, offered me some advice and helped me to get started on the right path. Some material that I was able to read through was; Reading to Learn. Reading to Learn is one of the world’s most powerful literacy programs and it is appropriate at all different age levels and areas of study. the small amount of reading I did in preparation for this assignment has helped me and I am sure that I will look back at this reading again and again. The company offers training sessions and this is something that I would love to attend. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to learn and gather/share knowledge with others.

Destination Prac!!


Last Thursday I finally confirmed my prac placement for year 2. I am excited, scared, frightened and the whole works!! It is such an experience. I am very set into prep world as i am working as a Teachers aide in prep at the moment, but am sure that it will all work out well in the end. I meet my teacher on Friday and can’t wait to begin planning. So far 2 of my friend’s studying are doing year 2, Nicola and Sherridan, it will be awesome to share the experience with them and fellow students. I have been busy looking at resources and there is a tremendous amount of wealth to be sought through. although, I still like Glogster, which I used for my first assignment, so I will discuss this with the teacher on Friday and if she feels that the children will be able to use it I may give it a whirl!! – The website is so accessible; I have my 16 year old daughter using it tonight to create a page for her school liturgy group. There’s another good thing about assignment 1, I was able to teach my children something about computers for a change!! I have added the Glogster picture below as an example.


Inquiry?? Which way to go….


When looking for a  theories to use in assignment 2, I pondered over Bloom’s Taxonomy. however, I have however had trouble sorting through it in the past and have always found it confusing as Rebbeca states in her blog. It is one theoretical idea that is hard to work out, but it is really interesting and the ideas behind it are fascinating. Jackie also wrote about using bloom’s taxonomy in her post and decided it was more appropriate to use rather than the 5E’s model.  I decided against Bloom’s as I preferred the Integrating Socially Method of Inquiry (Hamston & Murdoch) liked the way it linked my thoughts together. I found an interesting article that outlined the Inquiry method written by Wilson & Murdoch (2004). This proved to be a great resource that I am sure I will use in the future.


Whilst looking through weblog’s I am following, I came across Helen White’s blog, which discusses a Math’s-aid, a programme that offers worksheets for students. The fast amount of interactive activities there are currently for maths offer a whole new world of learning adventures, making learning meaningful, through interaction and purposeful activities. I have mentioned in my blog before sunshine online which is a programme that school pay for, However it does have fantastic resources available. another secret that a teacher let me in on is IXL is a paid website that you can join, however, you can use it for 10 mins per day for free. She uses it as a warm-up activity every day for her year one class. Studyladder also provides literacy and maths resources and offers worksheets and interactive activities! We use study ladder in prep for worksheets, some interactive games and also send the parents home with log in passwords to encourage the children to join and do activities.

Meaningful Maths!

Sharing resources for prac


I am still unsure about prac, which is causing me a little bit of anxt!! But I am calmly trying to think positively. (Even thought the thought is in the back of my head every minute of the day and night). At work this week, we did an awesome activity for the preppies with Sunshine, where the children were all able to make their own books. This website is unfortunately not free, but it’s a wonderful site full of many different activities that children can use the IWB for or smaller computers. It will be well worth asking whilst on prac, what ICT websites if any does the school you are in have. I was reading Helen’s blog and loved the application she used for her prac called, Padlet. Padlet offers a simple way of displaying student work online, which is creative and easy to use, Gerry Ryan’s blog, offers information about a programme that is very exciting called Zelner Studio, that can be used to create high quality powerpoint presentations. – this however is more than a resource website as it is an entire package. there are still many more resource websites and listings to look through and i am sure that as i get closer to my own prac, wherever that may be, I will find the right one to use. Good luck with everything to all!

Time changes everything…..


An old saying that my mother used when we were feeling down was; ‘time changes everything’. – this was Mum’s way of cheering me up and letting me know that things will get better at some stage. however, she is right. Time does changes everything and as the world turns, times have certainly changed when I look at the technology industry and how it has revolutionized our world. – and set about to revolutionize at little bit more!!…. Or should I say a great deal more!!! after reading Nicola’s post on how times are changing I was very interested to follow up the reading and connect with the article she had mentioned, “Mind shift/ how we learn”. the article talks about 21 different things that will be obsolete by 2020, and if offers some very interesting ideas. One of the ideas that worries me is the use of paper. We have had discussions at work about introducing more computer skills and yes, this is a valid thing to do however, it concerns me that the way schools are going, students may only need a computer or lap top to work on and not have the skill to write on paper. the art of using paper to write with encourages fine motor skills, which are an essential developmental skill for our children to build on.