Maths ideas!


Today, I have found another 2 resources that I may be able to use in my prac as resources. I would certainly use them in a classroom as an educator. They are interestingly both about Maths, which is certainly not my favourite subject, but I do find that when teaching Maths, if you make it interesting and engaging enough students will want to know more. Isn’t that one of the keys to teaching well? The first is all about a number and the ability to use that number in several different ways. – This type of activity invites a creative sense in children’s learning and I am hoping to use it during my prac experience. The idea is from, which is a teaching website with wonderful ideas available. This idea allows for knowledge of a new number to be written, drawn, added to, then subtracted from, then added to again, developing knowledge in several different ways! The next idea is from the teaching channel and offers 3 new ways to solve problems, encourages collaboration and the building of joint ideas.

maths idea           three ways


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