Learning about being Cybersmart!


Tonight, I am finishing activities on being Cybersmart. I have been viewed by a very strange man, who was watching me through the computer screen. My son standing next to me while I was doing this activity and it scared the heck out of both of us. I then went into the Cybersmart website as a part of the connect.ed resources. Although I am familiar with most of the practices, I found that they were far more extensive than I had thought. I particularly like the activity that helped Sammie and Jo work their computer. I believe this would be suitable for prep and year one children. Zippep’s Astro circus looked like an interesting game to play as well.

This was a great learning experience and I found myself looking forward to the next thing. Wendy also found the experience worthwhile and Roslyne found some useful resources and lesson plans on the website, which I will explore more over the next few weeks. Catherine posted some interesting information about fear and how it is a barrier that holds us up. – Yes, I can attest to that one. Not for myself, but I do know people who are overly concerned about using facebook, yet I have also dealt personally with unsafe computer use within my own family. There definitely needs to be a lot of common sense.  Cyberbullying seems to be rife in the world today, it’s the knew type of bullying where you don’t actually have to see the bully’s face. – What chickens bullies have become!


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