The Everchanging World of Teaching


I have been busily thinking about how to work ICT into my prac, and I came across Tyahnie’s weblog, which discussed teaching with ICT’s and the repetitive nature of learning. The cartoon used specifies that teaching is repetitive, although we have changed the way we teach. I feel that yes, some teachers who refuse to grow and change may teach like this, however I good teacher who choose to grow and learn with their students update their teaching skills, growing and changing their teaching strategies constantly. A teacher I used to work with once said to me, we are all learning and this continues every day of our lives. – Helen also discusses this topic and states that she has little experience with IWB’s and has not seen teachers using them effectively, due to their individual skills with technology. – I have been working as an Aide for six years and I must admit that I have seen both. Teachers unwilling to use IWB’s well and teacher who have the capacity to use them to create wonderful new interactive lessons that inspire. These are the sorts of lessons that I will endeavor to teach. This is why I want to be a teacher, an educator of the future, to inspire future learners! I felt blessed, when I met with my prac mentor this week as she had everything outlined for me and obviously has a sound knowledge of the ICT world. Em Perri also makes an interesting discussion about the use of ICT’s in her working environment and how she hopes to use them during her prac. Em states that using an iPad in the class significantly saves on time. I would like to back this statement and say that …If you know how to use IWB’s and ICT technology that is efficient, it does save time and make teaching so much more accessible to all, creating inclusive learning opportunities for all and activating learning! 



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