Destination Prac!!


Last Thursday I finally confirmed my prac placement for year 2. I am excited, scared, frightened and the whole works!! It is such an experience. I am very set into prep world as i am working as a Teachers aide in prep at the moment, but am sure that it will all work out well in the end. I meet my teacher on Friday and can’t wait to begin planning. So far 2 of my friend’s studying are doing year 2, Nicola and Sherridan, it will be awesome to share the experience with them and fellow students. I have been busy looking at resources and there is a tremendous amount of wealth to be sought through. although, I still like Glogster, which I used for my first assignment, so I will discuss this with the teacher on Friday and if she feels that the children will be able to use it I may give it a whirl!! – The website is so accessible; I have my 16 year old daughter using it tonight to create a page for her school liturgy group. There’s another good thing about assignment 1, I was able to teach my children something about computers for a change!! I have added the Glogster picture below as an example.



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