Whilst looking through weblog’s I am following, I came across Helen White’s blog, which discusses a Math’s-aid, a programme that offers worksheets for students. The fast amount of interactive activities there are currently for maths offer a whole new world of learning adventures, making learning meaningful, through interaction and purposeful activities. I have mentioned in my blog before sunshine online which is a programme that school pay for, However it does have fantastic resources available. another secret that a teacher let me in on is IXL is a paid website that you can join, however, you can use it for 10 mins per day for free. She uses it as a warm-up activity every day for her year one class. Studyladder also provides literacy and maths resources and offers worksheets and interactive activities! We use study ladder in prep for worksheets, some interactive games and also send the parents home with log in passwords to encourage the children to join and do activities.

Meaningful Maths!


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