Time changes everything…..


An old saying that my mother used when we were feeling down was; ‘time changes everything’. – this was Mum’s way of cheering me up and letting me know that things will get better at some stage. however, she is right. Time does changes everything and as the world turns, times have certainly changed when I look at the technology industry and how it has revolutionized our world. – and set about to revolutionize at little bit more!!…. Or should I say a great deal more!!! after reading Nicola’s post on how times are changing I was very interested to follow up the reading and connect with the article she had mentioned, “Mind shift/ how we learn”. the article talks about 21 different things that will be obsolete by 2020, and if offers some very interesting ideas. One of the ideas that worries me is the use of paper. We have had discussions at work about introducing more computer skills and yes, this is a valid thing to do however, it concerns me that the way schools are going, students may only need a computer or lap top to work on and not have the skill to write on paper. the art of using paper to write with encourages fine motor skills, which are an essential developmental skill for our children to build on.





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