Sharing resources for prac


I am still unsure about prac, which is causing me a little bit of anxt!! But I am calmly trying to think positively. (Even thought the thought is in the back of my head every minute of the day and night). At work this week, we did an awesome activity for the preppies with Sunshine, where the children were all able to make their own books. This website is unfortunately not free, but it’s a wonderful site full of many different activities that children can use the IWB for or smaller computers. It will be well worth asking whilst on prac, what ICT websites if any does the school you are in have. I was reading Helen’s blog and loved the application she used for her prac called, Padlet. Padlet offers a simple way of displaying student work online, which is creative and easy to use, Gerry Ryan’s blog, offers information about a programme that is very exciting called Zelner Studio, that can be used to create high quality powerpoint presentations. – this however is more than a resource website as it is an entire package. there are still many more resource websites and listings to look through and i am sure that as i get closer to my own prac, wherever that may be, I will find the right one to use. Good luck with everything to all!


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