Wk 6 – Thinking about using ICT during my prac experience


I still don’t know exactly where i am going for my prac, but I have been thinking about how to use ICT in the Early years over the past few weeks and began exploring. Last year while I was on prac in a prep classroom, we used a programme called communication4all, everyday to sign the kids in, like a class roll. List web site offers free access to an enormous range of resources. Every day the teacher used video’s often from you tube of someone reading stories. We also took pictures of story books and when I read a story i could display the pictures on the whiteboard. I found this really interactive. As a lesson, I took a picture from a poem and we played letter detective searching for different letters. It was a great lesson and one I would be happy to repeat. then of course, we had the children writing on the whiteboard constantly. Each day they wrote up a sentence of the day and they enjoyed this activity very much. As a 1st look at working with ICT whilst on prac, I really enjoyed the creativity that ICT offered the students.

After reading ‘The Learning Garden’ and concerns about what ICT’s to use during prac I began investigating further. Katherine Dugdale offers some interesting insight’s in her weblog, ‘Purposeful or Pointless’ and Andrew Buckley offered a website that also showed some interesting ways to use technology. With the vast gathering of future educators we have at our hands, I am sure we will all have access to the ICT resources we require.

Whilst researching for this topic, I found this video, Technology and ICT’s in Early Childhood, which is actually day care using ICT, but I found it to be really inspiring! Enjoy!


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