Wk 6…. Resource production fun!!


I got my husband to buy a laminator and some coloured paper, last year and have come to love it!! i have made many resources for prac and am lucky as i work with preppies and have a teacher who allows me to use anything that I am doing for her as a model to copy. this practice came in very handy last year while I was on prac as the teacher I had looking after me loved that I had so much of my own to take into the classroom. It made me feel a little bit more autonomous, if that’s the right word. this week i came rushing home from work with a new goodie in my bag. a vowel game that I used with the students and they loved, very much. We have been working with vowels quite a lot this year and there are some very exciting ways to teach them interactively. One way that is quite a lot of fun is by doing a youtube clip on vowels. the children love to sing along and before they realize they understand the 5 vowels! Take a look at Vowel Bat, it’s loads of fun! So far, I have made myself, bingo games and small board games, nothing fancy but they have all been useful and hopefully when I start teaching I will have a ready built supply to start with.

IMG386      DSCF7098 DSCF7092DSCF7101


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