Using ICT’s the wrong way


I really enjoyed reading Nicola’s blog on overuse of ICT’s as it’s a real world problem of the 21st century. I have 3 children and certainly understand the need to keep them off the screen at times. Yes, we have the issue of children creeping onto Facebook when they aren’t supposed to be on it and playing on iPods before bed etc. it can be a real drama. it is sad to see that life is heading down this track and people across the world are all falling into this trap. Do we really need movie size TV screens in our homes? Or 3d TV’s? – i don’t think so. It’s important as parents to monitor children’s overuse of computer technology, seek advice and know what they are doing. That was a basic rule in our home. If you have Facebook then I need to have access to your password and you need to make me your friend. – the road for us hasn’t always been super easy, watching over computer screens etc., and our kids don’t always like our prying, but you have to know what they are up too! Particularly with the creeps out there that gain access to your children’s computers. here’s a quick video that was made by teenager’s that shows some effects of overusing technology.


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