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I have come across a website that I wanted to share with everyone called Classroom Aid. Digital resources such as iPads allow learning to become interactive and bring authentic learning experiences to life! Classroom Aid has some very interesting information available and I believe that it will be worth the time to have a look at for all. We’ve discussed resources over and over again during the course and I am sure we will keep going, as we find new adventures in our ICT journey! 






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  1. I like the comment you wrote about digital resources and in particular that they “learning to become interactive and bring authentic learning experiences to life”. This I believe is the main thing. Children who engage in authentic learning do actually learn. I suppose to simplify it, if learning something is part of a child interest, part of there world, part of their needs its interesting and worth learning to them.

    • Thank you for your response Andrew. Yes, because I’m working in Prep at the moment I have the luck to see children using computer technology as they engage in authentic learning experiences. The excitement over who will get the chance to use a computer every week is tremendous! It definitely is worth learning to them and as it’s third term in our schools now, it’s wonderful to see just how far they have come with their computer skills and knowledge.

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