Week 6 – Using Technology in the Classroom


I have begun looking at assignment 2 and my mind has been reeling over what to do with technology in a classroom unit. I have begun my outline for my assignment, however will probably change it before I go too much further. It is a work in progress! during my time studying this subject, I have joined a couple of websites over Facebook, simply by clicking the like tag. One I cam across to night was of particular interest to me as it discusses Technology in the Classroom and offers some interesting reading and ideas for classroom support. Purposeful discussions are had; one that I particularly liked was the notion of letting students teach the teacher and other students as one of the unintended benefits of technology.  “This authentic learning (and teaching) becomes the foundation not only for a technology savvy class, it also creates a community of learners who take pride in teaching one another” (Really Good Stuff Inc., 2013). – this quote brings home a lot of the information we have been learning and discussing in assignment 1 and as a future educator I will endeavour to create a community of learners in my classrooms as I strive to educate my students through authentic learning and teaching practices.



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