TPCK and TCK and the SAMR model …….Returning to week 3!!


Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework. In particular, right here we’re going to focus on the idea of Technological Content Knowledge (TCK) as another source of reasons why you should be using ICTs in your learning and teaching. TPACK, if I saw those letters up on a wall, I wouldn’t think anything more of it. They are just letters, however putting them into context, it begins to form meaning. And I can honestly say that my Technological, Pedagogical and content Knowledge is growing. – Particularly after spending a great deal of time struggling with the net putting assignment 1 together. Kathryn gave more insight as I read through her notes on TPACK and reading another separate blog, helped me to form my knowledge. I found some interesting images explaining TPACK and wanted to share these for future reference.

TPACK_Model         TPACK 2

Another interesting point made has been SAMR. This theory, as Mrs D suggests is about recognising what level you or your school are at with technology. The goal of course is to be at the redefinition stage, where we use computers without even thinking about it. This type of goal will set our schools up to provide learning that will offer future success in education, providing our students with positive learning platforms from which to begin their ICT journeys. there are some interesting images on google that elaborate on the computer tools you can use when learning about SAMR. I have added these for future learning. I had some difficulty understanding this model and found it much easier once I watched the youtube video, The SAMR model in 120 secs.

Appsineducation SAMR Poster copy       SAMR-Model


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