This morning I read Em Perri’s blog about the differences between the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Australian Curriculum. I’ve been working as a Teacher’s Aide for 6 years now and the reason I wanted to study teaching is because I wanted to be able to do more! Something more positive for the education of our young. – Much like all students and future educators I would imagine. I love the EYLF and all that it stands for; collaborative partnerships, co-operative learning, holistic learning, learning through play and respect and uniqueness. Em mentions in her post Michelle Newton’s blog which offers another interesting perspective on the subject and yes, they are the goals of the Australian Curriculum. However I have found the curriculum wants the teacher to teach, English, history, Maths, Science, yet doesn’t offer any elaborations on how to break down the heavy workload expected. Generally i find that most teachers are quite resistant to the Australian Curriculum as it puts our children under enormous pressure to succeed and they still need the basic’s. They still need to know that learning can be fun. exciting and full of adventure, exploration and investigation. I just found a website that offers different learning ideas in modern classroom that offers fun, learning experiences and I wanted to share it as well. when looking at assignment 1, this is something that I will definitely suggest that ICT can bring to the classroom, pity it’s not elaborated on as such in the curriculum guide. The website, I have is called 20 digital learning activities for edudemic. I am lucky as an Aide to work with an incredible teacher, who links the EYLF to the Australian Curriculum guidelines, however she does that for her own teaching purposes, to benefit her students, not because it’s what the Australian Curriculum asks for! As an Aide and a student I am forever seeking out new ways to teach and that’s one of the wonderful things to remember. We are all lifelong learners, and it is with this knowledge that I will keep on trudging through. Socrates and Einstein were right!


Curriculum differences!


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