Week 3 – More talk about ICT’s….


Over the past few days, I have explored the 1st assignment in a little more detail. I did get stuck when first endeavouring out there in the big, wide, world, why we use ICT’s which seriously shouldn’t be such a huge task. After all, I have seen the positive learning effects of them on my own children as well as the children I work with at school. whilst going over lecture notes and thinking of past theories and approaches I have learnt one came to mind straight away. And this one is something that pinpoints the use of computers and ICT’s perfectly in my mind. – The 5E’s approach to teaching and learning devised by primary Connections teaching resources. This approach perfectly pulls together everything that technology allows use to teach through the use of ICT’s as we offer students the opportunities to engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate!


I have struggled putting the finding the right words to describe exactly what and how I felt about computer technology and it’s advancement into the world of education and I have looked to other students for ideas and asked colleagues at work. A year one teacher reaffirmed my ideas to day when she said that she uses the White Board in her room because it engages students and allows them to actively explore!During the past week, I have looked at Nicola’s discussion, Shireen’s bending ICT blog, Sonia’s Rural and remote ICT solutions and many more. They are all insightful and each one I have read offers something new, whilst they cross over and intertwine, linking our various versions of ICT and it’s development in the modern world of education. I am sure that everyone involved in ICT education through this subject and beyond would state that ICT caters for visual learning styles and this makes it quite and empowering tool when used correctly! ICT resources are indeed a wonderful implement , an evolutionary, explosive, exciting phenomenon!

ICT resources


Li’L Safety Club Natural Hazards Children’s Program. (n.d.). %E’s methodology. Retrieved 29 July, 2013, from


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  1. Hi Pamela,
    I like your description about the 5 E’s approach (engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate) as this is the approach i always use in my lesson plan. Well done.

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