Week 2… The preparation for assignment 1


This week there has been another ‘plethora’ (as my mother would say) of information offered to us all. We have discussed the importance of ict in a teachers curriculum, pedagogy and looked at Scootle as a resource tool. many students have offered interesting resources and this will help us all to broaden our knowledge of ict resources and the extent to which they can activate learning. Tracey offered a maths resource for prep that encompasses literacy based activities as well, Tessa-Liisa offered and English resource for year 2, Kate offered a resource for year 1 and many others offered resources that were suitable right through until high-school level. Behaviour management advice was available and many teaching and learning guides.

In this resource wealth I have found myself, looking for fun activities that spark the imagination. this to me is the best way to teach, offering activities that excite, encourage active learning, exploration and discovery. We use computers in our prep room at work and the children learn something new each and every time the use them. Ipods are now a favourite technological ‘toy’ fro the children to use and we take photos and view them on a whiteboard. The children even record their voices (with help of course) and we play all of this back and review their learning in class. Last year we had a child who wouldn’t talk, suffering with selective mutism. by the end of the year the teacher I worked with got one of the other children to begin working with her and recording her voice. – Although she still doesn’t talk and is in year 1 now, the ipod recording worked and allowed her to express herself without causing any embarrassment or overwhelming her.

Good luck with assignment 1!


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