Week 2’s question….Why use ICT’s?


I enjoyed to look at this video on youtube this week. It’s made me think more about how the use of ICT’s has changed in my lifetime and how it is set to change over the coming years. Ict’s have affected my life, the lives of my children, friends and work colleagues. ICT changes have revolutionised society and are set to keep the world spinning! this weeks question was to discuss and review the question, ‘Why do we use ICT’s in schools’. I wanted to understnad not just why but how have they changed not just our education system, but our lives.

When discussing the use of ICT’s with a teacher my question was, “Why use ICT’s in the classroom?’ Her answer “Because we have too?’ Then after review she said, “I suppose it’s because that’s the world they live in.” Which made quite an interesting point. The world children of today live in has changed considerably over the past 10 years, let alone since I was at school in the 70’s and 80’s. When I was in year nine at school, we had our first computer, that took up a whole room! Our children gasp when we talk about it, they simply don’t believe us. We had a massive computer hard drive and a huge machine that the paper reamed through. The paper was about the size of a A3 sheet and to put something into the computer you had to fill out a card and you were specifically told ‘don’t go over the edges, just shade in the center’. My next dealing with a computer was our first home computer, which was an old Apple, it was pretty slow and quite large as well. We didn’t do too much on it as my husband and I weren’t computer savy.

My eldest daughter went to school and she had very little to do with computers until she was in year 5 and learnt how to manage the basics and then followed on to power-point. Although since she began school in the year 2000, computers have been implemented across school curriculum’s and my son who began school in 2006 learnt to play on computer games at home when he was 2 – with his sisters help of course and began using computers at school in year one. We now teach children on computers in preparatory year. It’s quite amazing when you look at how technology has changed over the past 50 years, yet it is still ever growing, ever changing.

Nicola made the comment that teachers are no longer instructors of learning but facilitators. And through my own experience as a Teacher’s Aide and a future educator I believe that she is 100% correct. – I see teachers now as working with children in partnerships, forming respectful and reciprocal relationships with students and families. this type of thinking is in line with the Early Year Learning Framework principles and I believe this framework to be quite active in it’s pedagogical views. For teachers to work as co-contributors they support learning by sharing insights, engaging children in active participation and communicating freely with their students. Learning can be seen as fun as students actively explore and engage in co-operative learning opportunities. the biggest challenge is to be able to offer activities that challenge, stimulate and motivate individual learners. Computers assist us by showing us that the tools of knowledge can be far more than just tools, but they too facilitate learning as children use them to actively learn and explore their world, gaining knowledge and skills throughout their school lives and beyond!


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  1. Hello Pamela,
    Firstly, congratulations on such an attractive blog!! It looks fantastic. A comment that drew my attention in this blog was your colleague whose first response to using ICT in the classroom was ‘because we have too’. It really makes me wonder how many educators just add some ICT in lessons without really reflecting and thinking about the need/purpose for it.

    • Hi Nicola, Thanks for your message. My answer to your question is heaps!!! Because the teachers I work with range in age, some of them would rarely turn on a computer and some have grasped technology and run with it! – It’s amazing to see the difference in the teaching standards that happen within a school. And yes, it is the one’s who grasp technology and ‘run with it’so to speak that win.

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