Week 1 – My journey into ICT begins


I am currently working as a Teachers Aide and today I learnt something new. I’m in a prep classroom and am constantly surprised by just what and how much the children are learning. The teacher I work with has a wonderful way with the children and is often saying things like “Now, I am going to teach you something, but don’t tell Mrs Smith (who might just happen to be the year 2 teacher). ” This ………… is called an ellipsis! Now it’s a big year 2 word, so don’t tell anyone I told you.” – the children love it.

Today while teaching the children phonics and helping them to learn what 2 sounds that go together are she says; ” Ch is two sounds that go together and this is called a digraph.” She went through the sounds with the children and they then repeated what a digraph was. It was pretty impressive for 5 year olds. – Something that I can never remember learning, way back in the long ago.

Another way of learning that I picked up on today while we were working with ‘cvc’ words such as hen, ben and ten, was the way to teach the children that the first letter is the onset and the ‘en’ is the rime. – This is a basic skill that I had never learnt and it allows the children to understand what they are learning, whilst assisting them with their spelling knowledge. It’s in the Australian Curriculum under: http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/Glossary?a=E&t=onset%20and%20rime

There is also some interesting information about this learning skill on Reading Rockets: http://www.readingrockets.org/strategies/onset_rime/


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