Week 1 – Day 5 – Situation Overload!


Week 1 – Day 5 – Overload!!

19th July, 2013

Well, this has been my week. I managed to crawl through everything, setting up WordPress and Twitter quite successfully. Diigo was a little harder as I didn’t understand what it was for, then came Feedly! Oh my!! Oh my!! Exploring the world of ICT is a bit like exploring Oz. Good once you know where you are but scary out there if you don’t understand what’s going on. Every time I went into feedly the screen went grey and I couldn’t do a thing, the website wasn’t even showing up on my computer. Yet, for some reason it was on my Lap Top. – As a woman ‘not of the computer era’ I really had no idea what was wrong. I decided to wait until my eldest daughter came home. she always sorts me out. It appears that I downloaded a tool bar several months ago and it was blocking the programme from coming through. My daughter deleted it and just like magic ‘Presto!’ – Feedly worked. I now have a Feedly page and everything works like clockwork.

One of the things coming out of this course right from the beginning is the contact with others and the communication lines that are being forged. As Sonia has stated, it is overwhelming, but I am sure that we will get there in the end.


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