Week 1 – Day 2



Week one day two I am discovering PKM, that’s personal knowledge management with Harold Jarche. there is a wealth of information flooding through my brain after looking through the study desk and I am already overwhelmed. Harold Jarche has some interesting ideas of knowledge management and net work learning that I have found interesting . I have copied his video from youtube onto my weblog for further review.

Whilst discovering this video on you tube I have also found another on the topic of should we dare to dream? It offers some intriguing ideas on the topic of dreaming for a better future. this is something that I think everyone in this course can relate too. My own Journey into the world of study began a few years ago when I realized how passionate I felt about teaching children. I wanted to do something to help educate children, to make their world better. I do hit the panic stage, but have learnt to challenge myself to get out of it and get on with the job.

So I will ask you all the question; Do you dare to dream?



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