My Scootle resources


Once I found out how to access things properly in scootle, I found some great resources. I began by looking at resources that I would use at work, with the prep children I am currently with. I did find a sentence making game that you could make, however couldn’t access it properly. the game was called Languages online.  I will have to keep working with this one.

. I am hoping to work with grade 1 or 2 over prac and these would suitable for either. I found some great Maths and Literacy games that would be suitable for either. The maths games were –

Whole numbers level 2: counting to 30

Number trains



Procedural texts: let’s make a kite

Explore letters, words and text


I thought these resources would capture chidren’s attention and offer exciting ways to develop their skills. children will learn these activities through practice and learning through exploration.

Scootle seems like an awesome site for resources and information and I am sure I could search for hours! But, unfortunately for now these games will do, as a starting point. Good luck exploring scootle to all.


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