Sir Ken Robinson speaks about schools killing creativity and how we as educators of future generations should work to enhance students natural talents. – As a speaker Ken Robinson is inspiring and he offers many valuable ideas to educators. He offers suggestions about the integration of ICT’s in the classroom and how to use technology to embrace learning. I viewed one of his speeches in another course and he is definitely someone to admire.

As for the use of ICT skills, I am often getting my children to teach me how to do things and they find it so easy! – We teach prep children how to use computers and they quickly learn. I have watched the use of computers in schools grow as new forms of technology are acquired. Because of the use of ICT’s in the classroom though I think it’s important that we as future educators value them and yet strive to ensure that we do not kill creativity and still encourage children to follow their creative minds. The worry I see in everyday life is the number of young children that know how to use an ipod or mobile phone. I think in this instance we see parents killing creativity and putting a halt to imagination. One of the key learning concepts that I would like to embrace is how to use computer technology to embrace creativity?

– Please offer ideas if you would like to.



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  1. Hi Pamela, the issue with computers and technology is the amount of time spent on it i think its tthe amount of time that dulls the mind and potentially stifles creativity – especially with younger chldren. Just my thoughts! Caroline

  2. I agree with Ken Robinson’s outlook. The embedding didn’t work for me by the way Caroline so I went to youtube, maybe a link or my lack of skills. Having deliberately home schooled at one point I believe the WAY in which we educate is very important. Similarly I feel the way in which we use computers is important. If technology is used to babysit the chances are its not effective. If we can use technology as tools to connect and develop creativity based on ways of learning then it expands the mind. One of my son uses the pc with his guitar, another broadening his sculptural knowledge for Yr11 art and working with a group of friends to develop their own game. If its used for ‘bejeweled’ style games when they are past hand eye coordination stages then I would agree with you Pamela.

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