Welcome to my Weblog!


Welcome to my weblog site. My name is Pamela and I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Early Childhood through Usq. I have been studying for the past three years and am currently working as a Teacher’s Aide three days a week. through my work as an Aide I have discovered a great love for teaching and learning and this has encouraged me to challenge myself, by studying to become a teacher. I think the thing I enjoy the most is seeing the look on a young child’s face when they realize that they finally “have it”, – yes, that elusive piece of knowledge. I am married with three children and between work, study and kids, I am constantly on the go.


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  1. Hi Pam, nice to meet you! Your blog is so bright and colourful! Its lovely to see! I am doing Early Childhood too. Good luck this semester πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Pam, your blog looks great. I too am doing EC. Good luck to all and look forward to working with everyone.

  3. Hi Pamela, I look forward to reading your blog and learning a thing or too. Enjoy this semesters learning. Caroline

  4. Hello Pamela… I am Chin Wei (Shireen) from Segi College, Malaysia. A great and colorful blog. Well done. I’m still struggling with my first blog now. I will update my blog as soon as possible. I look forward to read your blog and let’s learn together! Good luck and all the best in this semester. God bless you. πŸ™‚

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